Why Californians Are Really MOVING to LAS VEGAS | California Exodus?!

Why Californians Are Really MOVING to LAS VEGAS | California Exodus?!

  • Dallas Tung
  • 11/22/22

Californians are sick of high taxes and expensive living, and they're starting to vote with their feet. In 2020, many people found themselves reevaluating their priorities and realizing that they could manage just fine by working from home. This has led to a mini exodus of Californians to states like Nevada, Texas, and Arizona, where the cost of living is lower and there is no state income tax. Las Vegas, in particular, has been a popular destination for California transplants. With its growing job market and abundance of affordable housing, Las Vegas offers an appealing alternative to the high cost of living in California. So if you're thinking about making the move to Sin City, you're certainly not alone.


00:00 Things You Must Know About Las Vegas

00:17 The Four Mile Las Vegas Boulevard Corridor

00:42 Areas That Offer A More Authentic Las Vegas Experience

01:05 Why You Should Avoid The Las Vegas Strip?

01:44 All The Four Seasons Weather In Nevada

02:12 Las Vegas Covers A Vast Suburban Region

02:41 Where Is The Worst Traffic in Las Vegas?

02:57 Is Las Vegas A Great Place To Live?

03:13 Las Vegas Recent Migration Report

03:24 How Is The Renters In Las Vegas?

03:36 Why The Sudden Interest In Sin City?

03:59 Las Vegas Booming Job Market

04:11 Is Las Vegas A Fun Place To Visit?

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